Tara Nylese

12:00 PM to 12:30 PM

Tara Nylese

Bringing Mindfulness out of the Studio and Into Everyday Life

There is tremendous growth in the number of meditation, mindfulness and yoga programs, practices and apps in our world today. At the same time, there are many scientific studies showing the benefits of mindfulness on stress reduction, improvement to health, and positive impact on our performance in life skills.  Research shows that our brains rewire themselves as a result of mindfulness practices, and therefore we can learn how to use daily exercises to create a healthier and more fulfilling life for ourselves. For example, Scientific American reports that after eight weeks of practice, MRIs show that our “fight or flight” stress center of our brain shrinks, and the higher order areas of the brain responsible for awareness and decision-making grows. Now, finally there is a science-based approach to mindfulness that broadens the reach of these techniques and allows anyone to enjoy the benefits, no matter how busy their schedule.

The Ten Minute Mindfulness™ programs are geared towards people looking for easy and short tips to remember to be mindful as we go about our daily activities.  These tips will help us get through stressful circumstances and hectic times in our family and home lives, as well as during our corporate or workplace challenges. You will learn how to use simple breathing exercises during overwhelming carpools or during meetings that are running overtime to re-engage your focus and complete your tasks more effectively.  When we reshape the way we constructively deal with stress instead of reacting to it, we can overcome challenges and build new opportunities in our lives.  In this talk, we will explore several practical ways anyone can learn to be more mindful and present in their life, and you will walk away with powerful tools to build your best moments in life.

  • Staying present with mindfulness enhances social connectedness, deepens relationships and enhances our overall health and well-being
  • Being focused at work is scientifically proven to improve performance and creativity while increasing productivity and effectiveness
  • The Ten Minute Mindfulness™ Program teaches short and easy practices that anyone can perform to grow into a fulfilling life in home and work environments

About Your Speaker:

Tara Nylese, MS, C-MI is a career scientist who has conducted trainings and presented at Fortune 500 Companies around the world, and at prestigious Universities like Harvard and MIT.  She is also a Certified Meditation Instructor with the American Institute of Health Care Professionals who combines her science & healthcare-based approach with mindfulness to create practical and easy to understand relaxation and stress reducing exercises that anyone can follow in just minutes a day.  She is committed to bringing the benefits of Mindfulness into the Workplace and into Everyday Life so that others can enjoy the benefits of a more fulfilling, productive and creative life.

Jennifer Meihofer

2:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Jennifer Meihofer

The Vision Workshop- 3 Mindset Keys to Manifesting the Life You Love!

Join me in this inspirational, in-depth, experiential workshop where I help you tap into what you would love, get clear on your goals and dreams, give you 3 keys to achieve even more than you have imagined and feel even more confident in the power within you, to create a life you love! Attendees leave feeling excited and intrigued by the possibility of creating something even more amazing in any area of their lives.

3 Keys to Accelerating Your Results in ALL areas of your life!

1. Learn the Language of Success and Wellness

2. Getting Clear on Your Vision

3. Tools for Overcoming Fear and Limited Thinking

About the Speaker:

Jennifer Meihofer is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and  sought after transformational coach, who works with a proven system, evolved over 40 years, to integrate both cutting edge science and art of transformation.

A Platinum Life Mastery Consultant, certified by the Life Mastery Institute, Jennifer is passionate about helping others unlock their true potential, achieve outrageous success, and live a life they LOVE living!

With over thirty years of experience, Jennifer has been can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose.


Dr. Walter Trinidad

1:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Dr. Walter Trinidad

The Secret to Health

Explanation of the nervous system and the importance of the first vertebra known as the atlas. There are 5 phases of dysfunction known as subluxation that can cause a number of severe and chronic conditions in the muscles and organs. There will be a description of the treatment to correct the subluxation and make it long lasting and permanent.

Definition of Health, importance of a perfectly aligned spine, and how to fix it permanently

About the Speaker:

Dr. Trinidad graduated from University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College in 2013 and has been treating patients who suffer from headaches, neck pain and low back pain to more severe neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s Disease and Trigeminal Neuralgia. You can find Dr. Trinidad at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of NY in White Plains, New York.