Valerie Lemme

Valerie Lemme CHT

1:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Ti Caine’s FutureVisioning™ - the fastest way to health, happiness, success and love

 Totally unique ideas and experiences that you will love:

 Meet your awesome future self! Actually, step into your future where your dreams have come true!

Experience the power of the future™ and let it change your life today!

  • Discover how “positive thinking” and “the law of attraction” most often create frustration and can actually make you sick!
  • Lose weight easily with the “Tell The F@#king Truth Diet!”
  • Learn how you can heal your whole life quickly, powerfully and permanently just like I did, and just like my clients do!

About Valerie Lemme

The First Certified Practitioner of Ti Caine’s FutureVisioning Process in the World!

After a very painful childhood, from my teens to my fifties I went to every doctor, therapy, alternative medicine, guru, healer, personal growth seminar I could find.  For the last 10 years I became a well-respected hypnotherapist, astrologer, Journey Work practitioner and healer… But after 39 years of searching for physical and emotional healing, happiness and success, at the age of 54 I finally told myself the truth that my life was a mess, and I felt hopeless! Like most of my clients, millions of other seekers and healers, I realized that all of the medical, alternative and personal growth stuff I had done had not worked! Most of the healers and practitioners that I knew were also struggling physically, emotionally and financially!

In addition to my lifelong problems, my 14 year marriage was so bad I was having an affair, and along came menopause with terrible mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia, high blood pressure and panic. My back pain got worse and took me to the emergency room twice. As a healing practitioner, I was filled with pain, disappointment and shame.

As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, a client with addiction problems came to me after trying every other therapy possible, and we spent months applying every technique I knew, but a month after we stopped because we agreed he was just getting coping skills, he actually died of an overdose! I fell into despair, and finally said I could not pretend that I’m okay or my clients are okay, because we weren’t… And I did not know what to do!

Then I heard about Ti Caine and his FutureVisioning™ Process, and my whole life changed!!

In the first hour of his teleseminar I understood why all the healing techniques I had tried for the previous 39 years had not worked! And in the first few weeks of working with him I:

  • Healed my back pain!
  • Healed my acid reflux!
  • Saved my marriage!
  • Transformed my career!
  • Ended my insomnia!
  • Healed my chronic anxiety, worry and fear!
  • Healed my joint pain from a car accident!
  • Changed my deep lifelong loneliness to peace!
  • Healed my strained relationship with my son!

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