Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld | Medical Adviser 

1:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld | Medical Adviser 

Misconceptions about marijuana and CBD 
You will learn:
  • The benefits of CBD
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties

About your Speaker:

Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld, the first holistic oriented podiatrist in the U.S., has been practicing integrative and functional medicine for chronic foot and ankle pain for over 35 years.  Dr. Kornfeld has developed protocols for all foot and ankle pathology that assist the body in achieving improved health while he eliminates the chronic pain syndrome.  Dr. Kornfeld is an expert in homeopathic injection therapy, prolotherapy, platelet-rich-plasma injections, amniotic fluid injections, nutritional and herbal medicine, lower extremity biomechanics and functional medicine.  The Chronic Foot Pain Center specializes in patients with chronic foot and ankle pain who have been failed by traditional medicine and surgery as well as those patients seeking a more natural approach to their health care.  Dr. Kornfeld is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine by the American Association of integrative Medicine and is a Diplomate of the College of Physicians, AAIM.  Dr. Kornfeld has lectured extensively throughout the country, has hosted his own radio shows in NYC, has been featured on local TV shows and is the Founder of The Institute for Integrative Podiatric Medicine.  He is a former Assistant Professor – New York College of Podiatric Medicine – Dept. of Integrative Medicine.

Orly Amor

3:00  PM

Orly Amor

Monetizing Your Message through Public Speaking

International Public Speaker, Best Selling Author and Business Coach for Public Speakers & Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to leverage their skills and experience to maximize their earning potential. In this talk Orly Amor shares the many opportunities available to business owners to grow their brand and position themselves as Subject Matter Experts as a public speaker.

Orly has worked with hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs and helped them triple and quadruple their sales from the stage.

In her three day intensive workshops, Orly shares the secrets of the speaking business as only a 15 year veteran can and in this talk she brings her top tools, techniques, and strategies for setting yourself up for success.

Your attendees will learn how to:

  • Get booked to speak in 30 days or less.
  • Set your speaking fees.
  • Build a multi-dimensional business model.
  • Leverage the most powerful speaker marketing strategy.
  • Sell from “the back of the room” and “from the stage.”
  • Sell yourself as a professional speaker.

Becoming a public speaker opens many avenues to grow your attendees businesses and provides them with opportunities for additional revenue. Orly shows them how.

Carol Leitner

12:00 PM to 12:30 PM

Carol Leitner

How to Become Much Healthier, Happier and More Serene, Naturally!

Carol will discuss the daily habits of happy people, the Laws of Attraction, the

Serenity Prayer, the power of breath work to calm and center us, and many other things she learned over the years to create more happiness, health and serenity!

You will learn:

  • Various Breath work techniques to reduce stress and create inner peace
  • How important it is for your health, happiness and serenity to accept those people and things you cannot change
  • A simple 68-second exercise that you can use to help to manifest your heart's desires

Carol Leitner

11:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Carol Leitner

Chair Yoga and Self Massage for All

Daily movement is essential for good health. 

Learn very gentle breath work techniques and stretches in forward bends, back bends, spinal twists and side stretches that you can easily do in your chair while at work, watching TV, etc. Also learn simple self-massage techniques to increase circulation in your legs arms and feet, and also create deeper connection to self.

You will Learn:

  • Simple breathing techniques to create improved health and serenity
  • Many gentle movements to keep your spine and body healthy and flexible
  • Self-Massage to improve circulation, increase joint lubrication and create deeper connection to self.