Dr. Olesia (Alisa) Ivanutenko

Dr. Olesia (Alisa) Ivanutenko

Hearing loss in the adult population, healthy hearing and the link between dementia and untreated hearing loss.

At Advanced Hearing Center we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss in the adult population. Due to recent advancements in studies utilizing imaging scans, we know the detrimental effect that untreated hearing loss has on the brain, with even a mild loss increases a person’s risk of developing dementia by 200%. At our private practice we educate patients and make sure they walk away knowing how:

-Hearing loss impacts quality of life

-Warning signs of Hearing Loss

-Cause of Hearing Loss

-Untreated hearing loss, Auditory Deprivation and Nerve Atrophy

- Diagnosis of hearing loss and treatment process

Dr. Olesia (Alisa) Ivanutenko obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree at George Washington University in speech and hearing sciences, and earned her Doctorate in clinical Audiology from Salus University the George Osborne School of Audiology. She is a published author in Care Management Journal. She is skilled in comprehensive audiological evaluations, vestibular and neuro-audiological testing as well as hearing aid evaluations and dispensing. 

Dr. Rodrigo Imana

2:30 PM to 3:00 PM

The Brain-Body Connection

Speaker: Dr. Rodrigo Imaña

Sponsored by Human Potential Chiropractic

  1. What is the Brain-Body Connection?
  2. How do I get Dis-Connected?
  3. How do you know there is a Brain-Body Disconnection?
  4. How do you know if the Brain-Body Connection is TRULY Connected?
  5. How do I get Re-Connected?


Dr. Imaña grew up in La Paz, Bolivia and is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West. He is married and practices using the NUCCA and Advanced Orthogonal chiropractic techniques.

“I love to dance. I’ve been into Bolivian Folk dance since I was 10 years old and love sharing my culture via dancing.

Having struggled during birth as a preemie, I always had a deep yearning to know what it was that allowed me to survive.

When I realized that chiropractic restores the expression of Life to the body, I knew that I was home. Thus my mission in life is to expand people’s potential to express life.

I believe that humanity is now evolving towards greater quantums by realizing and experiencing that health and the full expression of life comes only from within. The beautiful expression of love and life is innate to our existence. This is maximized by being in a constant state of inspiration which can be experienced by a sustained chiropractic adjustment.

My favorite thing about my practice is being able to make a difference in people’s lives by removing the interference to their true human potential and allowing them to once again do the things they love.

Participating in speaking events on an international level has helped Dr. Imana deepen his commitment and faith to helping others turn out the best version of themselves and maximize their life expression to it’s fullest potential. 

Professional Associations:

Member of National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (N.U.C.C.A.)
Delta Sigma Chi, Professional Chiropractic Fraternity.

Orly Amor

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Orly Amor is an internationally known speaker, business coach for public speakers, Networking Expert and author of several books.  Founder of the Health & Wellness Network of Commerce, the Social Wow Factor Conference and The Global Mentoring Center.  

Soon after earning both MBA and Law Degrees, she dedicated her life and career to creating prosperity by helping others realize their own mission-based goals and dreams. Extensive experience as a Certified Behavioral Analyst has made her indispensable as a coach to many influential corporate leaders. Despite the impressive education and success as a business woman, Orly remains remarkably humble, authentic, and a very engaging speaker.

In addition to being a great public speaker herself, and a great networker for the past ten years, she has helped Public Speakers create their Business Model for Public Speaking.  Her gift is to show them how to monetize their craft by taking it seriously and having what she calls “Business in A Box for Public Speaking.”  Thereby teaching them how to fish.

Get Paid to Speak in 30 Days or Less

You will learn

  • What Tools you need for Booking yourself right away?
  • How much to charge and when?
  • The difference between your Value and Industry Value?
  • The 3 Myths about Public Speaking?
  • Why only 1% of Public Speakers make all the Money?

Esty Moradi

12:30 PM to 1:00 PM

Esty Moradi, LCSW is a graduate of New York University School of Social Work (May 2001). She has 15 years of experience working with adult mental health and aging issues. Currently, she is a supervisor at Ohel’s Project HEAL, a home-based treatment program for seniors struggling with symptoms of depression. 

Title for presentation: Emotional Well-Being in Older Adults

Short description: Talk about the most common mental health condition in older adults- depression.   Risk factors, symptoms, and treatment with a highlight on Ohel’s free treatment program.

Three bullet points:   1.   Depression is a very common, but not a normal part of aging.

  1. Like other medical conditions, depression is something that can be treated.
  2. Older adults can learn new skills, enjoy new things, and adapt well to change.
Esty Moradi, LCSW
Geriatric Social Work Supervisor
Ohel’s Project HEAL