Welcome to the Orange County, FL Chapter

Dear Friends,

I am truly honored by the opportunity to work alongside our Founder, as President of the Orange County Chapter of the HWNCC. I am eager to get to know as many of you as possible in the Health, Wellness and corporate field, along with your interests and concerns. My background and career experience includes over 30 years of administrative roles in New York, New Jersey and Florida for small family owned businesses as well as large companies in a variety of industries ranging from pharmaceutical to entertainment to construction. 

Life has taken me in unexpected and different directions in the last four years. Now as a full time caregiver, entrepreneur, and founder of a non-profit, I move between 3 completely diverse worlds daily.  This new path has given me a unique perspective of what our HWNCC Founder is working to achieve; different sectors complimenting each other in a way that will benefit each other. 

In Orange County Florida we are home to one of only two medical cities that currently exist in the world, including a state of the art VA medical center; we are home to over 30 corporate/division headquarters, a National Entrepreneurship Center, Business Incubator Centers and much more. We are looking forward to great collaborations and friendships within the communities in our county.

This will be the page to come back and visit as we grow and list our upcoming meetings and events.

Over 40 chapters in 10 states and 6 countries in 3 years. HWNCC’s explosive growth is evidence that there is a great need for the collaboration we are working to achieve outside of the traditional boundaries of health and wellness and corporate.

HWNCC-OC will support, promote and encourage entrepreneurs, non-profits, corporate businesses small and large though education, networking, exploration of current challenges and definitive action towards new and innovative ways to improve wellness while increasing economic growth. 

I believe John Maxwell says best what I want to convey for all myself and all incoming members: “I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference, doing something that makes a difference.”  Our goal is to work with every member to achieve optimum health and income in your businesses and professions. 

As President, my goal is to create an environment within HWNCC-OC where we can build a strong and energetic movement towards economically successful health activated individuals, families, businesses and communities. I am so excited to see what the future holds!

Annette Gayle

Chapter President