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A Note from your President 

Orly Amor

A unique combination of extensive education and challenging background has transformed Orly from “simple citizen of the Republic” to fierce Jedi Night. Despite holding a Law Degree, as well as an MBA, her passion is to “Pay it Forward” by empowering others to fulfill their potential.

Starting literally from nothing after the crash in 2008, followed by further misfortune in 2011, Orly found a way to bounce back and help others, while building her company, The Global Mentoring Center.  She found her passion by helping authors, speakers and coaches succeed around the world.Orly’s electrifying rise was forged from real business principles, ground-breaking ideas and step-by-step action plans.

The Health and Wellness Network of Commerce Corporation has grown from her commitment to help business owners who are willing to work, take-action, receive and apply guidance – to experience the rewards only a profitable, thriving business can deliver.

Orly is now the best-selling author of numerous co-authored publications as well as her own New Released Book Series ‘MINDSET MASTERY- The Twelve Powers We Hold Within’ (2017) and ‘PUBLIC SPEAKERS YOU’RE NOT ALL THAT – 12 Reasons why Event Planners Won’t Hire You’ (Dec. 2019)  An international speaker  she is also a Business Coach for Public Speakers and some of the most affluent business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders in the U.S. Air Force and Coast Guard.   She is also an Ambassador of the NFL Alumni National and the NBA Alumni.

Now the HWNCC is in 6 Countries and 14 States with over 40 Chapters and now you are a part of that initiative and global impact.

We will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of Every month and you can find the Link on our Calendar in HWNCC and Join this Amazing Group of People.

Welcome to HWNCC Nassau County LI South Shore Chapter

Looking forward to meeting you in Person.

With much appreciation and gratitude


Orly Amor,  
MBA. JD. CPM. CFM. BA. in Political Science.

International Public Speaker, Bestselling Author, Co-Founder of SPEAKERS & EXPERTS Magazine & Directory, President & CEO of  The Global Mentoring Center Inc., Business Coach for Public Speakers, Creator of Business in a Box for Public Speakers, Founder of The Health and Wellness Network of Commerce Corporation Inc., Conference Chair of the Social WOW Factor Conference – Land & Cruise, Founder of Speaker Training Bootcamp.





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