Welcome to the Bronx NY Chapter

Dear Friends,

My name is N. Merna Timaul and I am the President of the Bronx Chapter of the HWNCC.   I am a Research Scientist and a Holistic Nutritionist, and a Health & Wellness Coach.  I have been in the science field for over twenty-five years and I am now integrating my science background and my degrees in Holistic Nutrition and in Complementary Alternative Medicine to help individuals, the community and also implementing wellness solutions in health practices.  I have a passion for education and preventative medicine.  My journey developed through personal experience with my own health and the health of family members and I wanted to provide the community with a more comprehensive option for obtaining health and wellness through individualized consulting and community outreach.

As the President of Bronx Chapter of the HWNCC, my goal is to bridge the gap between wellness practitioners, non-profit organizations, small businesses, corporate businesses and the community. I am determined to raise awareness and improve the lives of individuals in the Bronx and as well as worldwide by providing valuable resources, education, support in all areas (health & wellbeing, social & financial) of Health and Wellness.  As a business-to-business networking organization, our mission is to provide a platform for health and wellness professionals, practitioners, and service and product providers to network with corporate professionals while providing a sustainable support system for both.

To check our 2019 calendar events and meeting rosters along with member directory please visit our website at: www.HWNCC.com.

The Bronx Chapter meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. To Register and for more details about the location click on the link above or contact me directly at lifecompasswellness@gmail.com.

I am looking forward to seeing you at our next event!


N, Merna  Timaul