Welcome to the HWNCC Southern Fairfield County Chapter Page

Welcome to the HWNCC Southern Fairfield County Chapter Page


A word from your Associated President Michael Usiak:

It is an honor for me to serve as President of the Southern Fairfield County Chapter of the HWNCC.  My name is Michael Usiak.  I am a Strength and Conditioning Specialist Coach, Entrepreneur owning multiple businesses and proud father.  I come to HWNCC with 20+ years working for both large corporations as well as being self-employed.  Having been on both sides of the work force, I see the need that the HWNCC is striving to fill and I genuinely believe in the mission.  As a business-to-business networking organization, our mission is to provide a platform for health and wellness professionals, practitioners, service and product providers to network with corporate professionals while providing a sustainable support system for both.

In all my ventures, I concentrate on simplicity and sustainability to create an impact on not only the business, but families and entire communities.  I will likewise bring this integrity to the chapter to assist in generating financial and professional gains for all members.

“Your mind is a powerful thing.  When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”  Anonymous

To My Current Members:  It is a pleasure to work alongside you.  Thank you for all you bring to our chapter and our meetings.  I look forward to our continued success.

To My Future Members:  Come visit us and see what we are all about.  I look forward to meeting you!  I am reachable for any questions you might have: michaelwithhwncc@gmail.com

We meet the 3nd Tuesday of each month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.