Welcome to the Southern Ontario, Canada Chapter


Hello and Welcome to the HWNCC-Southern Ontario Chapter 

We are the very first Chapter from this Global Organization to be in Canada!! I believe in jumping in 100% when a Global Mission and calling speaks to my heart and my core values.  I am Terry Randle and it is my honour to serve as President.

I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother who is experiencing the best years of my life.  I have been in the work force for 52 years having worked in Retail, Corporate, Finance and Banking, Engineering, Health Care in both a large Hospital setting to Private Practice and of course Entrepreneurship.  I have owned and operated an independent Corporate Catering Company, as well served as Director in several Direct Sales Organizations.  Currently serving as a Managing Director with a Global NeuroTech Corporation with over 390 distributors in my personal organization. 

Having such an expansive and varied career, it has provided me with countless hours of Leadership and Development training. And as such I offer Independent Business Coaching to those on the entrepreneurial path 

As President of HWNCC-Southern Ontario it is my goal to provide opportunities for both the Health Care and Corporate Sectors.  I believe in the three C’s – Connection, Community and Collaboration.

It is a winning formula.  The next decade will undoubtedly be full of challenges as business owners learn to navigate Social Media Trends, be fiscally more responsible and be open to creating new programs that will enrich the work/life experience for their employees. It is often the CEO’s and COO’s who need to revisit their own health care as the daily grind and stresses associated with any business take their toll.

In addition, the goal is to provide Monthly Networking Opportunities that foster a Community of Curious, Creative thought leaders who are looking for a place to share their Expertise, Gain insightful knowledge on business skills, learn about new innovative techniques that will support their business and to aide in building clientele with a focus on building a solid foundation and to refer clients to their new partners.


Founding Membership Applications are now being accepted – You can email: terryswontariopresident@gmail.com for the full outline

The HWNCC Southern Ontario Chapter covers a wide area and as such, Ambassadors are needed to help lead the way and grow into the neighboring communities.


There are opportunities for local Corporate Sponsorship as well as Global Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities.

Events will be open to guests who want to experience the group and see if it is a good fit for them and their own unique goals and aspirations.

Let’s Collaborate, Educate, Inspire, and build Community-

A Calendar of events will be outlined in the weeks to follow.

Contact:  terryswontariopresident@gmail.com

Terry Randle

Associated President HWNCC
Southern Ontario, Canada Chapter
Team Leader- VoxxLife
“The Neuro-pathway to faster wellness”