Interview with Orly Amor

When it comes to merging the corporate lifestyle with personal and professional success, there are few people as versed in knowledge and technique as Orly Amor. Orly not only guides and facilitates professionals to reach their goals, she offers her skill as a master networker, public speaker and mentor. Orly’s latest endeavor, the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce ( is a unique platform for health and wellness professionals to network with corporate professionals to achieve growth while creating a sustainable support system. During a quick Q&A session, Orly lets us know why this latest endeavor is so important.

Q: Why focus on pairing health professionals with corporate professionals?

A: Most companies are looking to implement health programs into their workplace because they can save a ton of money on their insurance premiums, not to mention create an environment of productive, happy employees who experience less absenteeism with preventative programs to minimize exorbitant hospital and doctor costs. Giving health and wellness professionals a way to connect with corporate professionals gives both parties what they need most and forms a symbiotic business relationship to benefit everyone.

Q: Don’t health professionals simply advertise and find their way into helping business with their programs?

A: While many Health pretensioners can make their way into corporations and show their worth in terms of dollars and sense, this is a challenging task and most wellness practitioners meet with far more failure than success. On the flip side, corporations are faced with skyrocketing health costs and don’t know where to look or how to implement business-wide health plans to cut costs and aid their employees.

Q: Why is getting into corporate, as a health professional, so difficult?

A: If you are a solo practitioner or an organization specializing in wellness programs for the corporate level it isn’t enough to have the superior product or service. It is crucial to know when to approach, how to approach and what monetary contribution to ask for.

The other challenge is that everyone who is looking to get into corporate is doing the wrong thing by reaching out to the HR department and speaking to whomever will speak to them. The wasted time of the individual will just steer them away from hiring you because they are not the decision makers, they are the information vehicle in the company.

This is why HWNCC is so vital to health practitioners and business owners. Corporate needs help to protect their investment in their employees by providing health plans to offset the cost of insurance premiums and protect their employees’ health. Wellness providers need a way to offer their services in an environment that is conducive to success.

Q: What is the best approach to successfully get into a corporate environment?

A: When looking for a company to approach, get as much information about them as possible so that you can contact the right person at the right times with the right mindset and attitude to get you through the door. First and foremost, you need to pass the Gate Keeper, and that is another strategy for another time.

Your Mindset is your Biggest Asset!

You may have heard of how your Attitude helps your Altitude when it comes to business. Yet, when faced with rejection or failure we beat ourselves up. Business is a bumpy road filled with highs as well as misses. When facing a challenging time, it is important to keep a good attitude and strengthen your mindset so that you don’t fall into the trap of desperation. Here are the three things to keep in mind.

business mindset

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

You may not know this but wherever you go and whatever you do someone is always watching. When you miss appointments, are late for an assignment or give your word but fail to deliver, someone is noticing. Take a reality pulse or a responsibility gage of who you appear to be. Is that someone you would do business with? Are you from a place of selling or a place of servitude? Be the latter and your business will flourish from the simple law of reciprocity.

Approaching your personal life as a business will help you keep balance.

How do you plan your day? Do you write things down? Do you put out fires constantly and have no time to plan? Writing things down helps you be organized, takes away the responsibility of memory and helps you prioritize. Your personal life and your business life need to be one, so keep one list. Referencing your list, adding to it, and crossing things off gives a sense of accomplishment which in turn gives you the feeling of balance and productivity. It also helps clear your mind for creativity and planning to bring about solutions and business growth.

Why “No” means “Not right now.”

Often when we have a potential client we get very excited, and rightfully so. But, if the deal is not signed and an exchange of money is not done then it’s still a potential client. So, what is the excitement about? In business, we need to be a little more rational than emotional. We get so depleted by the answer No that we fail to see the bright side and the opportunity to educate ourselves. The one question to ask a potential client is “why?” You can get a multitude of answers and many times it’s because it’s just “not right now.”

We see this as the last answer, stop touching base, following up occasionally and building a relationship that can be so much more than the immediate gratifications that we so desperately need. When faced with, “No,” work to build a relationship that can eventually turn into a referral partnership. Ask for support when appropriate, show up from a place of servitude and you will get more YES than you can possibly handle. So, it’s Not, “Not right now,” it’s really a, “Yes, but later.”

The way you approach any situation in business or personal life will determine your level of success. Changing your attitude to accept setbacks as learning opportunities will turn your struggles into successes as you work to build up yourself and your business.