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Doreen South, Achievement Facilitator, Consultant
Doreen South
Dr. Szilvia Passfield
Szilvia Passfield
Roadway to Wellness
511 Glen Morris Rd. E. Glen Morris, ON N0B 1W0
Health and Wellness Coaching in Frequency and Natural, Drug Free Options

Roadway to Wellness was established to provide people with natural health and wellness coaching, consulting and professional referrals in the areas of quantum energies, wearable neuro-technology and health promoting nutraceuticals. “In home/in office/on site” appointments for consultations and information sharing can be arranged upon request. “Energy therapy” sessions also known “Nature therapy” are also available and are a convenient and effective way to improve morale and reduce workplace stress. Group rates apply for “on site” wellness days.
Lori Fergus Dawson
Sovereign Wealth Management Inc
627 Guelph Line. Burlington ON L7R 3M7
Implementing Wealth Building Strategies for Business owners and executives

I build wealth and estate planning portfolios for business owners, professionals and executives.
Whitney Hammond
Terry Randle Leadership Coach – Voxxlife
76 Palmer Road
One on One Coaching/Mentoring- Targeted 50+ Solopreneurs

“Coaching is an investment not only in your business or potential business, but in your own personal development and growth. I will be able to monitor and help your income grow at a pace that is realistic and comfortable to maintain, long-term vs hit and miss. Sustainability is what should be the main focus and drive in your business. I am not the “Hype” coach, I am realistic when it comes to potential and I believe everyone has potential. I am not over promising anything. Having a business is hard work – simple work, but never easy and don’t fall for the bill of goods that you can easily jump into 6 or 7 figures by watching a webinar. I don’t do funnels, nor do I mass market- I serve my clients directly, One on One. I appreciate and value your time and commitment to the process.
My role will be to provide you strategic and actionable steps that will get and keep you on track. You will learn what to prioritize and what can be let go. Not all ideas or projects are brilliant enough to be done at once. Some need to percolate on the back burner awhile. I will help you weed out the OK ones from the really great ones.
Coaching Makes you a Better Business Owner – Consistent- Meeting with a coach either weekly, bi-weekly and then monthly, helps you see the big picture of your business, while eliminating any clutter or obstacles. I will help you establish healthy habits that you will carry throughout your business/career. Having detailed outlines for all your goals gives you a birds eye view of your actual s vs hopefuls and where progress needs to be made.
I am the no BS Coach – straight forward- I keep my word, go over and above to help others. I commit full on to those who want to and who invest in working with me – that is how I view our coaching contract – “We are working together”. I want you to know you can trust me to be 100% accountable to you and to provide you as much value as possible.
You need to be able to feel and see your progress. Every step forward is a milestone. Let’s celebrate together your wins!!”
Terry L. Randle
Vieira & Associates
L8P 1J4
Insurance Brokerage

Commercial and Personal Lines Insurance Brokerage Office

Marlaena Silva