Holistic health/wellness Company designed to reach any client types I am Certified to coach and train one on one. The information provided is of my years of practice and studies. PH3NOM(Phenom) is a complete habit-coaching process, which provides various avenues of implementation of functional fitness using natural nutrients to help live a higher sustainable lifestyle.

The definition of phenom is a person who is outstanding talented and admired. Also one of minimal tenor in the process at hand. My method of habit-Coaching has derived from years of learning. Added with practice on self, various ages, body types, in many forms of training. My functional method includes Body weight training, Mobility, Kettle Bell, Bar Bell, Conditioning, Strength, and plyometrics. My food knowledge comes from many years of culinary experience and studies. Working in various environments between being a fitness professional and a Culinarian I have what it takes to

D’Andre Bryant
New York, New York