Do’s and Don’ts of Networking | Successful Networking Strategies

Every health & wellness expo gives practitioners an opportunity to reach out and meet new colleagues. These events are perfect for introducing and being introduced, making acquaintances and strengthening existing relationships. For wellness practitioners, this is the perfect opportunity to widen the networking circle. When heading out for an expo, meeting, fair or event, it’s important to implement these networking strategies and remember to avoid others when increasing your network.

Do: Be confident!

That’s right, confidence is key. You are a wellness practitioner and you are good at what you do. You are worth knowing and you are looking to create mutually beneficial relationships to further your career and help others further their own. Let that show.

Don’t: Be overbearing.

Being confident is one thing but being overbearing and too direct will lessen your chances of being added to valuable networking circles. Know your worth and play it cool.

Don’t: Be unprofessional.

Nothing gives the wrong impression like unprofessional behavior. Be sure you present a professional appearance. Practice good posture and make eye contact. Professional people have amazing networks, so be that person.

Do: Follow through.

When a new colleague expresses interest in your business, show them more. Set up meetings, lunches, times when you can build a relationship and share ideas and business. Keep your commitments and follow through on invitations.

Do: Offer your help.

Everyone is looking to build their business and practice and sometimes that means you may think primarily about your own business needs. Take some time to offer help to those you meet. There may be something your practice can do to help a colleague. This is a fantastic way to build relationships and earn future business.

Do: Always take that opportunity.

Just because someone you meet has a different specialty than you do doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from networking with each other. Always look for opportunities to network with anyone who is willing.

Don’t give up! Networking events can be frustrating at times. If you find yourself ready to leave, don’t. Get out there and keep working. You will build the network you want but you will have to work for it.

Have a plan, set your date and get out there and build a powerful network.

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