Orly Amor, Orly, HWNCC, Social Wow Factor

Speaking coach, world-wide speaker, author and master of networking, Orly Amor isn’t your average business professional. Not one to rest on her achievements, Orly created the Social Wow Factor Conference with the express purpose of connecting entrepreneurs, business owners, career professionals and wellness professionals to promote networking, business growth, professional development and deepen interpersonal relationships in beneficial and fun ways.

Seeing a need among the various entrepreneurs, executives and coaches Orly worked with also inspired her to start the Health and Wellness Network for Commerce (NWNCC) to facilitate these individuals in meeting, coaching, sharing ideas, and promoting business growth. Since its inception, HWNCC has grown to serve multiple cities and chapters with regular events, programs and expos.

Orly sees the potential of professionals to support and encourage each other while also creating mutually rewarding relationships. Orly’s latest book, The Twelve Powers We Hold Within, dives deeper into how we as individuals and professionals can achieve more from our lives and relationships by working on the positive we have within ourselves. To learn more from Orly, check out her latest book here:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078BS294Z